Apr 15, 2022

Winner of the All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 2 RASCAL SPRING TRIAL IN KYUSHU 4 class!

イメージ画像The 2022 JAF All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 2 RASCAL SPRING TRIAL IN KYUSHU was held at Speed ​​Park Koinoura from April 9th ​​to 10th.
A very large number of players, 127 in all classes, participated.
WORK MOTOR SPORT SCHOLARSHIP 2022 20 of them are entry users.
In the 2nd round of the All Japan Dirt Trial Championship, JD11 class Nobuo Shigeo won 2 consecutive wins, JD8 class Takayasu Nakajima, last season champion JD3 class Kazuya Sakata and JD2 class Meguro Ryo. The player won the class.
In addition, up to 3rd place, JD11 class Shin Terada took 2nd place and Hideaki Sato took 3rd place. Akira Sakiyama in the JD7 class came in second, Makoto Urakami came in third, and Takuma Kamada in the JD1 class came in second.
A large number of WORK support players have achieved excellent results.

MCO RACING installed WORK WHEELS installed driver class-specific results.

JD11 class
Winner Nobuo Shigeo
2nd place Shin Terada
3rd place Hideaki Sato
6th place Mitsuki Terada
7th place Yuna Kanematsu

JD9 class
7th place Hideki Kawashima

JD8 class
Winner Takayasu Nakajima
5th place Masaru Hamaguchi

JD7 class
2nd place Masaru Sakiyama
3rd place Makoto Urakami
4th place Umi Ryomoto
6th place Tomohiro Ueno
9th place Yoshihiro Sakai
11th place Takayuki Ozeki
13th place Yasuhiro Yamabe
14th place Takaaki Sakurai

JD6 class
5th place Hiroyuki Yamoto
7th place Akihisa Kakumina
15th place Tomio Kawada
17th place Ryuichi Hamaguchi

JD4 class
8th place Takayuki Hamada

JD3 class
Winner Kazuya Sakata
2nd place Hayato Yamazaki

JD2 class
Winner Ryo Meguro

JD1 class
2nd place Takuma Kamada
4th place Katsuhiko Taguchi

* Wheels installed by all runners are WORK M.C.O RACING type GV

The next round will be held at Maruwa Autoland Nasu DIRT-TRIAL in NASU will be held from April 23th to 24th.
Thank you for your support.