Mar 19, 2018

2018 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Official Test in Okayama International Circuit

イメージ画像On March 17th and 18th Okayama International Circuit held the long-awaited Super GT Official Test this year. In case

GT 300 class, GAINER (Kyoto) No. 10 cars appeared daringly at 2018 Vr of the new NISSAN GT - R NISMO GT 3.

Likewise, Car 11 is scheduled to be full wrapped in the future.

The Honda NSX GT 3 also enters the GT 300 class and the expectation value of fans expecting a fierce battle will rise before the opening game.

It proved that it was a lot of fans gathering as much as I could not imagine testing fans who attended like that.

WORK also supplies wheels to GT 300 class GAINER GT - R2 units, GT 500 class ARTA NSX, GT 300 class ARTA BMW M 6 this year too.

We will continue the test with Fuji Speedway and Suzuka in the future, but let's wait for Okayama opening round match qualifying April 5th, the final of April 5th in the inevitable heat war.