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Jan 11, 2019


イメージ画像The production concept of GNOSIS is to achieve cost performance in the casting process while being American style, billet feeling and edge design characteristics. We succeeded in constructing and embody a design that gives a "pin angle feeling" that makes the forging of the ame at a level that does not allow other companies to follow with a casting wheel.
At that time, it incorporated brushed color (processing) that was only for American forging, and it originated from having gained a category specializing in an unparalleled wheel and its import car in the country.
The CV series «2013 ~», based on Concave, which became the third series, started there.
In this work, in order to inherit the still-growing Gnostic brand, the concave model, he designed and embodied an irregular dish design that added a twisted design that produces an unparalleled impact.
GNOSIS CVD is a unique specification that targets in originality.

Main target
-Imported vehicles, the main target of GNOSIS, as well as products made for large SUVs, sedans, wagons etc.

◆ Dish design incorporating concave which becomes work first
◆ The original dish of Hinelli, combined dish design of Concave
◆ ASYMMETRICAL TWISTED EDGE where the opening composed of the upper and lower R drawn with a three-step curve further amplifies the sense of feeling
◆ In order to give priority to conquering brine and to make the dish design more attractive, set only full reverse 20 inches and 21 inches





イメージ画像Macchina MASERATI Quattroporte S
WHEEL F) 21-90 +18  R)21-105 +12
YOKOHAMA ADVAN Sport V103 245/35-21 /  285/30-21

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GNOSIS CVD Seedsiddy WORK Harmonious Imported car