Limited product

May 10, 2021

[Limited quantity] Limited color black / orange lock appeared in CRAG T-GRABIC 2【sold out】

イメージ画像BAJA1000 is the world's toughest off-road race where WORK participates. The T-GRABIC2 is newly available in a race-inspired color that reproduces the stimulating orange beadlock ring adpopted in the race.

Thanks to you, it was sold out.

イメージ画像①The beadlock ring-style rim flange features amachined top surface in clear orange. The gloss black finish center disc offered in a limited quantity, makes orange shine brightly with the solid brilliance of the aluminum.

②The center cap has a rugged design with an off-road feel. It is adopted in the race-inspired T-GRABIC series and creates a powerful and three-dimensional effect on the wheels.

イメージ画像The valve stem is exclusively designed in black to be in harmony with the overall color balance, while a standard valve stem of the T-GRABIC2 is a chrome plating finish.

イメージ画像Black / Orange Lock (BLKRCO), Limited to 200pcs.