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Jan 21, 2022

[Limited quantity] The WORK EMOTION ZR10 now comes in a limited edition matte navy color.【sold out】

イメージ画像The ZR10 boasts the lightest class in the WORK EMOTION series while achieving race-bred, tough spokes.

New color is now available to create a dynamic, powerful look on your vehicle.

This product has been sold out thanks to you.

イメージ画像New Color: Matte Navy
Size: 18inch 9.5J+38 5H114.3
Face profile: Deep Concave

イメージ画像New Color: Matte Navy
Size: 18inch 8.5J+47 5H114.3 5H100
Face profile: MIddle Concave

イメージ画像It comes with an exclusive matte black center cap with a navy ring that gives the wheel a sporty feel.

イメージ画像Sport decals come in blue.
The ZR10 utilizes WFT (Work's flow forming method).


The flow form manufacturing method was originally used on the inner barrel of the WORKEMOTION CR kiwami. After the barrel is casted, the mold is stretched out while an immense amount of pressure is applied to it.
This manufacturing method makes the macrostructure of aluminum more defined. Furthermore, allowing the rim thinner and lightweight by this way makes it similar to the forged.
The “tensile strength” and “tenacity” required for the inner rim are dramatically increased.
At the same time, by designing to add more durability on outer rim, it can add greatly increased functions.

* Available in 17inch / 18inch / 19inch.

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