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イメージ画像Work Co., Ltd. provides support and support to motorsports participants through this system by providing wheels based on the number of points earned according to the results of each target race.

◆ Registration conditions
・ Must be qualified to be a motor sports license issued by the Japan Automobile Federation (hereinafter referred to as “JAF”) “B license” or higher.
・ All products must be designated for work throughout the year.
※ Until the entry wheel arrives, participation is allowed with the wheel owned by you, and points will be included during that period.
・ Do not receive other wheel support.
・ Person who can cooperate in shooting and providing images.
-Attach the sticker specified by our company to the participating vehicles and attach the emblem to the racing suit. (Stickers and patches are provided free of charge)
※ Includes the period until the entry wheel arrives.
* Multiple people cannot be registered for the same vehicle.
・ Submit the three items of consent form, scholarship registration application form, participation plan form, and B license (copy).

◆ How to register
・ Complete the “Work / Motorsports Scholarship Registration Application”, “B License” copy and “Participation Plan (free format)” for this season entry.・ Please apply to the scholarship office.
・ For those who have been officially accepted, a scholarship registration number will be issued and a registration form, sticker and emblem will be sent. Your scholarship registration number will be officially accepted with your notification.
・ The examination may take about one month depending on the situation such as mailing, so please apply in advance with sufficient time.
※ Notes on participation registration
If you participate in multiple races such as All Japan Class and Local Battle Class, please fill out the application form for each competition competition .
In the case of multiple participation, both points cannot be added.
In the case of multiple participation, the maximum number of chapters will be the number of each.
In the case of multiple entries, new entries will be entered by purchasing one set each.
も Please submit the application for participation in the continuous war. * Refer to continuation of scholarship qualification.
Please fill in all results and submissions, and submit them after participating in the race regardless of the results of the competition. (Needed for continuous review)

◆ Deadline for registration application
April 26, 2020 (effective postmark on the day)
Depending on the content of the judging (in the case of continuation, the situation at the time of the last race), we may refuse this year's support, so please make an early application considering the season start.

◆ Category targeted for 2020
-Rally and dirt trials announced at the Japan Championship in the JAF Motorsports Calendar.
・ Other categories approved by the secretariat

◆ Applicable number of scholarships
Wheels used in the following categories are provided at a scholarship price.

◆ Awards for Scholarship Target
Scholarship targets will give points according to the results in the competition to participate in and will provide the wheels to be used as a prize according to the points earned.

※ However, points will not be given if competition fails.
※ We will separately present 4 books to season champion winners.
* Please send the result to the scholarship office even if it is outside the point count range.
The running count is managed by the secretariat.
* In the case of All-Star fight participation, I will not give points (since all-Japan warfare, regional fighting participants mixed forecast is predicted).

◆ How to apply for points when winning
Within one month after the end of the competition, please send the official result (copy permitted) to the Scholarship Secretariat by mail to the Scholarship Secretariat, including "Application Form for Participation Result Report and Point Registration", "Photos on the Podium", "Full View of the Vehicle".
Please note that any invalidity or expiration date will be invalid.
If the season champion winner receives a separate application for the four prizes, a proof that he / she has become a season champion (Eligible sports web page address , Certifiable results, etc.).

◆ Point exchange method
Fill out the "Point Exchange Application Form" and mail it to the Work, Motorsports and Scholarship Secretariat. After the application is accepted, the wheel will be sent to the dealer who applied for registration.
It may take some time to ship the wheels, including the stock status.
Please give your application with enough time for the exchange.
The deadline for exchanging points is December 19, 2021 (postmark valid on the day).
With this deadline, the points of 2021 will disappear.

Point Prize Award

* However, the number of annual awards is the same as the maximum number of scalarship application purchase categories of each category.
In each category, in case of winning a series champion, we will pay four as a winning prize.

◆ Specified wheel
In principle, "M.C.O RACING" will be used, but consultation will be made according to the competition vehicles participating.
However, if you do not meet your request, we may decline.
Products will be sent in the size registered in advance for the scholarship entry target.

◆ Continuation of scholarship qualification
Enter and run 2/3 in the entry category registered at the time of application.
However, if the run is invalid, the run will be counted.
If you are wearing a scholarship purchased product and participate in multiple categories, you will continue to qualify for entry and entry into 1/2 of the total participating categories.
If the entry in the corresponding year does not meet the conditions, the scholarship will not be continued in the following year.
However, if you enter and run in 1/2 in the category that entered the year following the loss of qualification, the qualification will be reinstated only if you enter the same category as the previous year in the next two years.

◆ About personal information handling
The secretariat will use the personal information obtained from various applications within the scope of the purpose indicated at the time of acquisition, maintain the accuracy of the personal information, and manage it safely. Except as provided by law, we will not provide your personal information to third parties other than joint users and outsourcing companies without the prior consent of the individual. In addition, if there is a request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, erasure, etc. of the personal information provided by the person, we will respond promptly within a reasonable range only if we can confirm that we are the person. You.

◆ Other
Products are assumed to be used in competitions, and are not covered by the product warranty, just like general products. Whether or not it can be installed is based on our measurement data. For each vehicle, we leave it to the judgment of the applicant and we can not assume any responsibility. Please note that this scholarship is subject to change due to circumstances such as the motor sports activity environment.
* Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges of products for scholarships from the viewpoint of product characteristics and competition support. We will inform you about the wheel delivery date after completion, but the number of players who participate every year is increasing, so the number of cases that keep waiting is increasing, and the inconvenience is also increasing, Contact, confirmation, etc. are not available. Please understand.

◆ Contact
Work Motorsports Scholarship Secretariat
〒577-0054 2-14-29 Takaida Motomachi, Higashiosaka
Contact us

Please download and fill in the application form and send it to the secretariat.

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