Extra Select


Energy Lime Green (ELG) WORKEMOTION T7R2P

The Optional color finish

1 piece [ZR10 / CR Kiwami / T7R / D9R / M8R (excluding 20inch)] +11,000 yen up from paint
2 piece [CR-2P / T7R-2P / T5R-2P] +11,000 yen up from paint
   3 pieces [CR-3P] +11,000 yen up
◆ MEISTER (excluding S1-2P) +11,000 yen up from paint
◆ Seeker is +11,000 yen more than paint
◆ Gran Seeker +11,000 yen more than paint
◆ Equip03 is +11,000 yen up from gold
◆ CRAG GALVATRE is +11,000 yen higher than the clear cut

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