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2019.11.18 mon

To consumers

JAWA Division of Japan Automobile Parts and Parts Aftermarket Promotion Association (NAPAC) is the only aluminum wheel industry group in Japan and we want users to use safe and secure aluminum wheels for many years. We are doing activities for a long time.

Recently, the quality issue of aluminum wheels has been taken up as news.
Since this is not a case for members of the JAWA division, which is an industry group of aluminum wheels, we do not know the details, but aluminum wheels are important safety parts for cars, and consumers are concerned I am worried that it may have been.

The aluminum wheels of our JAWA business unit members comply with the national technical standards “JWL (-T)” and thoroughly display the “VIA mark”, which is a proof that they have passed the verification test conducted by a third-party organization. doing.
We are also promoting the attachment of “JAWA Quality Certificates” with PL insurance on the aluminum wheels of JAWA Division members with JWL (-T) and VIA marks.
We hope that you can continue to use JAWA Division member aluminum wheels with JWL, VIA mark, and JAWA quality certificate.
When purchasing an aluminum wheel, please purchase the “JAWA quality certificate” affixed to the wheel.


This is a proof that the aluminum wheel meets the Japanese technical standards "JWL" for passenger cars and "JWL-T" for commercial vehicles. This technical standard must be tested at the manufacturer's own risk.

The aluminum wheel of JAWA Division members conducts a confirmation test to support JWL and JWL-T, which is a so-called self-certified treatment. VIA) is actually going.
This system is called "VIA registration system", but "VIA mark" can be displayed only on the wheel that has completed the verification test and registered VIA. The "VIA Mark" is a registered trademark of the Japan Vehicle Inspection Association, so it cannot be used without permission.

A certificate that conforms to the technical standards of JWL (-T) and is affixed only to the aluminum wheels of JAWA members who are registered with VIA. In case of emergency, PL insurance is insured.

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