News Release

2016.11.09 wed

2016 Discontinued Items

These products will be discontinued after our inventory is out.

Date Product name Details
2016/8/22 GNOSIS HS202 Discontinued
2016/8/22 GNOSIS HS203 Discontinued
2016/9/21 GNOSIS HS204 Discontinued
2016/8/22 GNOSIS GF3 Discontinued
2016/11/9 DURANDAL DD5.2 18inch 4H-100 Discontinued
2016/11/9 DURANDAL DD10.1 Discontinued
2016/9/21 DURANDAL DD10.2 Discontinued
2016/9/21 DURANDAL DD10.5 Discontinued
2016/11/9 BALMUNG BG2 Discontinued
2016/11/9 BALMUNG BG3 Discontinued
2016/11/9 SCHWERT SC4 18inch 4H-100 Discontinued
Color FSP/CS Discontinued
Center cap red and blue Discontinued
2016/9/21 BALMUNG BG1-LV 20/19/16/15inch Discontinued
2016/8/22 URBANZONE STELLANO 20inch 8.5J +28 / 20inch 9.5J Discontinued
2016/11/9 URBANZONE FIORITA Discontinued
2016/11/9 WORKEMOTION CRKiwami SEIRAN BYAKKO Discontinued
2016/11/9 WORKEMOTION 11R Color WMB Discontinued
2016/8/22 MEISTER CR01 16inch T-Disk Discontinued
2016/8/22 CRAG MJ8 Discontinued
2016/9/21 Crag MH Discontinued
2016/8/22 CRAG BJS 16inch 8.0J +17 Discontinued
2016/11/9 SION 1P The order was closed.