News Release

2023.11.21 tue

【Update】Notice of discontinuation of production

These items have been discontinued or are scheduled to be discontinued, so please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to purchase them.
Also, please note that some specifications may not be available for order.

Date Product name Contents
11/21/2023GNOSIS GR203Discontinued
11/21/2023LANVEC LD1Discontinued
11/21/2023WORK EMOTION D9R18inch 9.5J +12 / +23 Discontinued
11/21/2023CRAG T-GRABIC2 17inch 7.0J +40 5H-114.3 Discontinued
11/21/2023XTRAP S1HC 20inch 8.0J +35 6H-139.7 Discontinued
8/21/2023LS BRIGHTRING SUV22inch/24inch Discontinued
8/21/2023LS PARAGON SUVEnd of support 22inch/24inch special P.C.D.
22inch 5H-114.3 Discontinued
8/21/2023GNOSIS FMB0119inch 11J Discontinued
8/21/2023GNOSIS FMB0219inch 11J Discontinued
8/21/2023GNOSIS FMB0319inch 11J Discontinued
8/21/2023GNOSIS AE201Discontinued
8/21/2023GNOSIS GSR1Color (Black Outside Polish (BOP)) Discontinued
8/21/2023WORK EMOTION M8RColor (White (WHT)) Discontinued
8/21/2023WORK EMOTION ZR10 for importDiscontinued
8/21/2023WORK EMOTION M8R for importDiscontinued
5/31/2023 GNOSIS FMB01 Discontinued production of gray clear center cap
5/31/2023 GNOSIS FMB02 Discontinued production of gray clear center cap
5/31/2023 GNOSIS FMB03Discontinued production of gray clear center cap