Sep 27, 2018

ALL JAPAN RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP Rd, 8 Hiroshi FURUKAWA / Yukiko Hirota This is the 4th win of the season!

イメージ画像In cooperation with Asia Pacific Rally, 'Larry Hokkaido' which is the biggest rally in Japan, this year, the Hokkaido Eastern Earthquake Earthquake occurred last week, but the event was held as scheduled, but it was held as scheduled.
When winning in top category Arai player, good Larry Hokkaido, I won the first championship in three years, but on the way, I got the goal as it was with the time loss by punk dropped to second place.
In the JN1 class, Furukawa of 32 Swift is the 4th victory this season, and this time we are steadily pointing towards the champion.

For the result of each WORK WHEELS equipped player, please refer to the following.
JN6 class
No.51 Arai Toshihiro / Tanaka Naoya pair (WRX STI) MCO Competition wearing class 2nd place overall 2nd place
No. 53 Kamada Takuma / Ichino Initiative (WRX STI) MCO Competition wearing class 3rd place overall 3rd place
No.59 Nakahira Katsuya Wakusei Satoshi (WRX STI) MCO Competition wearing class 9th overall place 18th

JN5 class
No. 61 Yuki Kohama / Yuichi Baba (Citroen DS 3 MAX) MCO Competition wearing class 2nd place overall 8th place
※ 5 participating units

JN4 class
No. 68 Masato Sekine / Kohei Soka (Swift) MCO Competition wearing class 2nd place overall 11th
No. 69 Toshinori Sone Tadashi Oda (86) MCO Competition wearing Leg 1 retired
※ 8 participating units

JN3 class
No. 78 Okada Koichi / Tenpo Ryo Kazuko Terumo (Demio) MCO Competition wearing class 4th place Comprehensive 19th place
※ 8 participating units

JN1 class
No. 90 Hiroshi Furukawa / Sachiko Hirota (Swift) MCO Competition wearing class No. 1 place overall 20th place Fourth victory this season!
No.92 Takaaki Ito / Tetsuya Otaka group (Note NISMO) MCO Competition installed Leg1 retired
※ 10 participating units