Mar 20, 2019

2019 JAF All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 1

イメージ画像2019 JAF All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 1

The All Japan Dirt Trial Championship has opened this year.
This year's WORK carries out motor sports scholarships again, and users of WORK wheel-mounted (including scholarship entry users) participated in the hot fight at this event.
While there are machine settings, driving techniques and various factors, two players, N2 class Yamoto and SC1 class Sakata, have won the class championship.
Below is the participant results with the WORK wheel attached.
Hideaki Uehara, 6th in PN1 class
PN2 Class 2nd place Hideki Kawashima 5th place Ryuichi Higuchi
PN3 class 17th place Reiko Shinoda
Hiroyuki Yamoto, No. 1 in N2 class
SA1 class 11th place Kasanishi Nobuhiko player
SC1 class 1st place Kazuya Sakata 5th place Nobu Shigeo
SC2 class 17th place Takayuki Koseki
D class 4th place Shibata Takuma

Thank you for your support this year.