Jun 25, 2019

All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 5 Dartossprint in Monmae

イメージ画像June 16 The day of the finals was tough and began to be exposed to a storm.

As for the WORK WHEELS wearing player, there are actually 16 players, and there is a figure of the player who has entered the scholarship in most classes except some classes.

On the way, the weather became severe, and each player showed a severe expression in rough weather such as establishing a time zone for course check.

Under such circumstances, TVXOJ Sato Lite DL Celica Norinobu player who won the SC1 class championship.
Itza DL Global Axela Sakata also won the third place.
The other winners are PN2 class DL ☆ tein ☆ GR Vitz SC Kawashima.

5 rounds left after leaving. The battle for the champion continues.

Thank you for your support for Round 6 NOZAWA dirt trial next round.