Apr 19, 2021

All Japan Rally Championship Round 3 JN2 class victory!

イメージ画像Tour de Kyushu 2021 in Karatsu, the 3rd round of the All Japan Rally Championship, will be an unattended match from April 9th ​​to 11th, 2021
It was in the Karatsu clock WORK WHEEL table table.

JN1 was a purchase advance with the participation of only Toshihiro Arai / Naoya Tanaka (MCO-TA) and the retirement of the engine title at SS9.
In JN2, Hironao Ishii / Noriko Takeshita (WORK EMOTION T7R), who controls RC-F, gives the first look, and Katsuya Nakahira / Yuichi Ishida (MCO-TA) is in 3rd place.
In JN3, Takahiro Suzuki / Norimasa Yamagishi (MCO-TA) is in 2nd place, Takahito Sone / Shizuka Takehara (MCO-TA) is in 3rd place, and Seiji Yamaguchi / Kosuke Maruyama (MCO-TA) is 5th. Obtained rank.
In JN4, Oko Samejima / Sachiko Funaki was in second place.

It will be Ehime.
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