Jun 08, 2021

All Japan Rally Championship Round 5 NISSIN Rally Tango 2021 Winner of 2nd class

イメージ画像We will report the results of each WORK wheel-equipped player in the 5th round of the All Japan Rally Championship "NISSIN Rally Tango 2021" held from May 21st (Fri) to 23rd (Sun), 2021.
In JN1, Takuma Kamada / Yuichi Matsumoto, who returned from injury, finished 5th, Toshihiro Arai / Naoya Tanaka retired, and Hiroki Arai did not participate due to injury.

Heikki Kovalainen / Sai Kitagawa, who is also an active Super GT driver, won the JN2, and Katsuya Nakahira / Satoshi Gyotoku came in second.

In JN3, Genki Takeuchi / Satoshi Kimura won the championship, Takashi Suzuki / Norimasa Yamagishi 2nd, Takahito Sone / Shizuka Takehara 3rd, Kiyoji Yamaguchi / Hitomi Okura 4th, Katsuhiko Tsutsui / Tomiya Maekawa The group is 5th, and Takehiko Kano / Satoshi Yokote is 6th, which is the TOP6 monopoly.

In JN4, Oko Samejima / Sachiko Funaki is on the podium in 3rd place.

The next rally Monterey (Gunma) will be held from June 11th to 13th, but unfortunately it has been decided that it will be held without spectators.
We look forward to your continued cooperation in the future.