Sep 13, 2021

Win the All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Rd.7 2 class! Win the season champion!

イメージ画像The 2021 All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 7 Super Trial in Imajo was held on 9 / 4-9 / 5. The number of races was 147, which was a rare battle.

The results of the 26 athletes wearing WORK WHEELS are as follows.
JD11 class
Winner Takayuki Ozeki DL / KIT / AT-BRZ Season Champion decided!
2nd place Shin Terada T Garage DL Vertex 86
3rd place Mitsuki Terada T Garage DL Vertex 86

JD9 class
3rd place Tomohiro Ueno DL Tanaka Motor LubBRG Swift
4th place Hideki Kawashima DL ☆ Tein ☆ BRIG ☆ Yaris
9th place Masaaki Hamaguchi DL Takumi WM Work Swift
11th place Eiichi Kitahara YH Tein FT ☆ PD Note

JD8 class
3rd place Takayasu Nakajima TEIN Lebros YH Swift chestnut
6th place Junya Ishikawa M2Factory Swift
8th place Ryuichi Hamaguchi Work DL Takumi WM Swift

JD7 class
2nd place Yoshihiro Sakai Maple FORTitzzBRZ
3rd place Akira Sakiyama TMS ☆ DL ☆ VX86
4th place Makoto Urakami DL Cusco M Sports Okuyama 86
7th place Hideaki Sato DL / Amarug / BRZ
12th place Umi Ryomoto One's Turn SPM86
14th place Yasuhiro Yamabe Smash itzz bay BRZ
15th place Takaaki Sakurai Brid DL Enapetal FT86

JD6 class
5th place Akihisa Kakumina Aion DL Lancer
6th place Tomio Kawada DL ZEAL Yaris GR4
9th place Hiroyuki Yamoto Kappa ZEAL Yacco YH Lancer

JD5 class
11th place Kasai Catherine Nobuhiko YH Speedy Heart Garage Chronos MR2

JD3 class
Winner Kazuya Sakata itzzDL Global Axela
9th place Nobuo Shigeo T Galle VX Asuka OJDL Celica

JD2 class
2nd place Ryo Meguro Cusco DL Global Lancer

JD1 class
2nd place Takuma Kamada itzz Okuyama DL Kurihara BRZ
3rd place Katsuhiko Taguchi HKS / YH / Tein Fiesta

Thank you to all the players who participated.
Next will be the final race, but at WORK MOTOR SPORT SCHOLARSHIP, we will cooperate with you through MCO RACING with your thoughts on the competition with the technology cultivated in the race.
Although it is a corona disaster, we look forward to your continued support in the future so that you can participate in the competition with all your might.