Oct 20, 2021

All Japan Rally Championship Rd.10 M.C.S.C.Rally Highland Masters 5 Podiums

イメージ画像2021 JAF All Japan Rally Championship Round 10
48th M.C.S.C.Rally Highland Masters 2021

It was held from October 15th to 17th in the clear autumn weather.
Unfortunately, due to the corona scourge, the event was held without spectators and there was no gallery stage set, but 66 cars entered the race and an incandescent race was realized.

This time, the results of the athletes with work wheels are as follows.
JN1 class
3rd place Overall 3rd place Takuma Kamada Yuichi Matsumoto
6th overall 6th Toshihiro Arai Naoya Tanaka group
7th overall 7th Hiroki Arai Noritaka Kosaka

JN2 class
Winner 10th overall Heikki Kovalainen Sai Kitagawa
2nd overall 11th Katsuya Nakahira Masahiko Shimazu
4th overall 19th Hironao Ishii Noriko Takeshita

JN3 class
Winner 12th overall Takanori Suzuki Norimasa Yamagishi
3rd overall 17th Kiyoji Yamaguchi Kazuyoshi Funaki
5th overall 20th Takahito Sone Shizuka Takehara
7th overall 25th Takehiko Kano Satoshi Yokote

JN4 class
4th overall 34th Oko Samejima Sachiko Funaki group

There were two class winners and many podium players played an active part, but after all, the JN2 class Heikki Kovalainen Sai Kitagawa team did not stop.
Katsuya Nakahira and Masahiko Shimazu, who are in 2nd place with 105.0pt in JRC Point Standing, will head to the final race with a 21pt difference over the group.

Thank you to all the players who participated.

At WORK MOTOR SPORT SCHOLARSHIP, through MCO RACING, we will cooperate with you in your thoughts on the competition with the technology cultivated in the race.

Although it is a corona disaster, we look forward to your continued support in the future so that you can participate in the competition with all your might.