Oct 27, 2021

2021 JAF All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 8 Season Champion is born in 2 classes!

イメージ画像All Japan Dirt Trial Round 8 NANO TOP CUP Dirt Trial in Takata was held on October 24th at Technique Stage Takata.

Unlike the sunny autumn weather on the previous day's public practice day, Heat 1 started in the fog with a delay of 5 minutes, and even as it progressed to Heat 2, the final race was held in the severe cold road conditions. ..

Twenty-six entry athletes with work wheels also participated, with two winners and eight winning athletes up to third place.

Then, two annual champions were born, which were entwined until the final race. There are now three champions in the All Japan Dirt Trial Championship.

Each result is as follows

JD11 class
Winner Shin Terada
2nd place Takayuki Ozeki Season Champion
5th place Mitsuki Terada

JD9 class
3rd place Tomohiro Ueno
6th place Masaru Hamaguchi
14th place Eiichi Kitahara
15th place Hideki Kawashima

JD8 class
2nd place Takayasu Nakajima
4th place Ryuichi Hamaguchi

JD7 class
Winner Masa Sakiyama
2nd place Yoshihiro Sakai
8th place Makoto Urakami
9th place Hideaki Sato
10th place Takaaki Sakurai
15th place Umi Ryomoto
16th place Yasuhiro Yamabe

JD6 class
6th place Hiroyuki Yamoto
7th place Akihisa Kakumina
16th place Tomio Kawada

JD5 class
2nd place Kasai Catherine Nobuhiko

JD4 class
8th place Takayuki Hamada

JD3 class
2nd place Kazuya Sakata Season Champion
13th place Nobuo Shigeo

JD2 class
3rd place Ryo Meguro Season Champion

JD1 class
2nd place Takuma Kamada
R Katsuhiko Taguchi
* All athletes with work wheels are listed.

While the corona scholarship was postponed or canceled throughout the season, the dirt trial race could be continued with the efforts of the athletes and related parties, and the work motor sports scholarship participants were able to play an active role.
We would like to thank all who participated.
Thank you very much.

Work Motor Sports Scholarship 2021 Secretariat