Nov 11, 2021

2021 JAF Kanto Dirt Trial Championship Round 7 Wins 2 Classes!

イメージ画像2021 JAF Kanto Dirt Trial Round 7 Nozawa Super Cup Dirt Trial 2021 was held on November 7th at Motorland Nozawa.
On this day, which was the final race, it was foggy and the temperature was low, but in the afternoon the temperature rose and the fierce battle was repeated. Nine athletes participated in the entry athletes equipped with work wheels, with two winners and five winners up to sixth place.
Each result is as follows
N1500 & PN1 class Yoshinori Suzuki 4th
Eiichi Kitahara 7th
PN2 & PN3 class Osuka 2nd place
Kenji Hashimoto 6th
N2 class Hideki Hiruta won the championship
S1 class, Yoshihiko Matsue, 4th
Kazuya Sakata 5th place
S2 class Masayoshi Sarashina 7th
D-class player Tadashi Mori won the championship
* All athletes with work wheels are listed.

While the corona scholarship was postponed or canceled throughout the season, the dirt trial race could be continued with the efforts of the athletes and related parties, and the work motor sports scholarship participants were able to play an active role.
Thank you to everyone who participated.
Thank you very much.

Work Motor Sports Scholarship 2021 Secretariat