Jun 02, 2022

All Japan Rally Championship Round 4 YUHO Rally Tango 2022 JN2 Class 4th consecutive win!

イメージ画像Rally Tango 2022, the 4th round of the All Japan Rally Championship, was held from May 20th to May 22nd in Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture.

12 special stages (SS), special stage total distance 108.08Km, course total distance 291.07km Compete on tarmac.

This year's Tango Rally 2022 was held with spectators other than the service park and ceremonies, and it became a rally that felt like an environment where fans could be invited little by little.

The JN2 class Katsuya Nakahira / Masahiko Shimazu, who have not lost so far, won the fourth straight victory in this rally Tango, which is a breakthrough.

The race results of WORK WHEELS equipped athletes in the heated race development are as follows.

JN1 class
Takuma Kamada / Yuichi Matsumoto 5th overall 5th
Toshihiro Arai / Naoya Tanaka 7th overall 7th overall
HYOMA / Katsumi Ito 11th overall 17th

JN2 class
Katsuya Nakahira / Masahiko Shimazu Victory 14th overall

JN3 class
Genki Takeuchi / Satoshi Kimura 2nd overall 11th overall

JN4 class
Oko Samejima / Sachiko Funaki 3rd overall 19th

JN6 class
Michihiro Okuda / Takuya Abe 5th overall 44th overall

The next race will be from June 10th to 12th MONTRE2022 (Gunma Prefecture).
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