Oct 20, 2023


イメージ画像The final race of the 2023 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Round 7 AUTOPOLIS GT 450km RACE was held at Autopolis in Oita Prefecture on Sunday, October 15th.

The day of the final was blessed with crisp autumn skies, and the 13,500 fans who came to the race filled their hearts with great anticipation as the final match approached.

In the final race, the #16 ARTA MUGEN NSX-GT, which had taken the qualifying pole position, ran the laps smoothly and built up a strong advantage over 2nd place and below, but it was a hotly contested race with a furious chase in the final stages, resulting in a final 2nd place on the podium. Obtained.

This placed him in 3rd place in the series heading into the final race, leaving him with a strong chance of becoming the series champion.

The race results for machines equipped with WORK WHEELS are as follows.

GT500 class
#16 ARTA MUGEN NSX-GT Hitoshi Fukuzumi/Hiroki Otsu 1st place in qualifying / 2nd place in finals
#8 ARTA MUGEN NSX-GT Tomoki Nojiri/Miyako Oyu 10th place in qualifying / Final R

GT300 class
#11 GAINER TANAX GT-R Ryuichiro Tomita/Kyosamu Ishikawa/Yusuke Shiotsu 16th place in qualifying / 9th place in finals
#10 PONOS GAINER GT-R Hironobu Yasuda/Riki Okusa 14th place in qualifying / 10th place in finals
#18 UPGARAGE NSX GT3 Takashi Kobayashi/Shun Koide 9th place in qualifying / 17th place in finals
#27 Yogibo NSX GT3 Yugo Iwasawa/Reimei Ito 13th place in qualifying / Final R

The next and final round at Motegi is scheduled to be held on November 4th for the preliminaries and on the 5th for the finals.
We appreciate your continued support until the end.