Oct 27, 2023

2023 JAF All Japan Rally Championship Round 8 M.C.S.C. Rally Highland Masters 2023 held

イメージ画像2023 All Japan Rally Championship Final Round The 50th anniversary Rally Highland Masters 2023 concluded all competitions on Sunday, October 15th.
This time's SS will be a total of 6 SS, running twice at each of 3 locations. The total distance of the rally was 350km, and the road conditions for this rally were dry on day 1, but wet on day 2.
Toshihiro Arai (TEAM ARAI), who participated in the last race, drove the new WRX S4 on the tarmac for the first time, and responded to the cheers of the fans with a fierce drive in preparation for his participation in Rally Japan.
In the final round of Highland Masters 2023, So Okura/Koji Toyota won the JN5 class.

The race results for athletes wearing WORK WHEELS are as follows.

JN1 class
Toshihiro Arai/Takahiro Yasui SUBARU WRX S4 4th in class, 5th overall

JN3 class
Takahito Sone / Kazuki Ishida P.MU☆DL☆INGING GR86 4th in class 20th overall
Takashi Suzuki/Akira Endo Smash DL itzz Komatsu BRZ 5th in class 21st overall
Seiji Yamaguchi/Koichi Sawada Enapetal ADVAN Kuyo GR86 Class-R

JN4 class
Taiko Samejima/Sawako Funaki group el・DL・Masakazu・ANIKI Swift 6th in class 29th overall

JN5 class
So Okura/Koji Toyota AISIN GR Yaris CVT class winner 24th overall

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