Dec 04, 2023

Forum Eight Rally Japan 2023 will be held

イメージ画像Forum Eight Rally Japan 2023 was held from November 16th to 19th, 2023.
This year's event, which was held as a continuation of last year's event, was a huge success with 536,900 people attending the event, including paid seats, event venues, and roadsides.

This time, Toshihiro Arai will be participating in the JN1 machine that drives the All Japan Rally based on the Subaru WRX S4, and although he temporarily overcame electrical problems, he managed to take the top spot in JRCar along the way.
Unfortunately, however, he went off course and was forced to retire.

Among other things, it was a great experience for the next time, and I have high hopes for Toshihiro Arai, who will bring excitement to FORUM8 Rally Japan with another great run next year.

Thank you to everyone who supported Toshihiro Arai until the end of FORUM8 Rally Japan 2023.
We look forward to your continued support next year.