Jul 05, 2017

ALL JAPAN RALLI Rd, 6 2017 ARK Rally Toya Kamada wins the first season in local Hokkaido!

イメージ画像All Japan Rally Championship Round 6 - 2017 ARK Rally Toy

The results of each of the WORK Wheel loaded cars at the 2017 ARK Rally Toy, held from June 30 (Friday) to July 2 (Sunday), are as follows.

JN 6 Class No, 6 Kamada Kamada Takuma / Ichino Tatsuzaki (WRX STI) MCO Competition wearing class 1st place Ranking 1st place Kamada's first victory at the local season!

JN 5 Class No.17 Yuki Kohama / Yuichi Baba (Citroen DS 3) MCO Competition wearing class 2nd place overall 12th place Ogama's consecutive winning record stops at 4.

JN4 class
No.22 Sone Takahito / Masuya Tomohiko (86) MCO Competition wearing class 2nd place overall 9th
No. 24 Kiyoshi Yamaguchi / Tomomi Yamamoto (86) MCO Competition wearing class 3rd overall 15th overall
Sone who was a regrettable retirement in Monterey, won second place in class!
Although Yamaguchi got a trouble, he won the third place, he earned points with his running run!

JN2 Class No.39 Suzuki Nao / Shimazu Masahiko Group (BRZ) MCO Competition wearing class 4th place Comprehensive 29th place
Meiji players at the top of the class did not participate, but Suzuki stopped fourth place with no time growth.
How will the Meiji player appear in the next rally Hokkaido?

I can not take my eyes off of the All Japan Rally Championship which was the last three races.