Nov 20, 2017

All Japan Rally Championship Round 9 Shinshiro Rally 2017

イメージ画像The All Japan Rally Championship No. 9 Rally New Castle Rally 2017 was held from November 3rd to 5th, establishing the number of attendants of 54,000. It was exciting not to be ashamed of the names of the three biggest rallies in Japan.

In this race where this day of fine weather is the final race, there are also many classes where the season champion is hung, the result of incandescence remains, I was able to decorate the finish of the last in JN 5 class and JN 2 class equipped with work wheels.

Also, as a season champion, JN5 class Kobayashi player & Baba player group, JN4 class Sone and Masuya players' classes are given two crown for work wheel wearing athletes.

Both JN 6 class Arai player & Tanaka players' group and JN 2 class Meiji player & Kitada team got tied up in the second place in the class and ended up wonderfully with great performance until the final race.