Aug 07, 2018

2018 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Rd,5 FUJI GT 500 mile #55 ARTA BMW M6 1st PLACE

イメージ画像Fuji's strong ARTA BMW M6 did it again. This time Fuji is a 500 - mile race.
This is the distance corresponding to 804 kilometers, that is, the harsh race that supposed long stints under the scorching sun, I once regulated this.

It stands at the top for only 8 laps from the front row, and then stands at the forefront of Fuji from there.
Despite the high-powered M6 that is suitable for Fuji, each team has also adjusted variously, it was a rage of anger and dignity that allowed only one top position at the pit stop timing.

Takaki himself was able to decorate the Super GT 20 victory by himself at the event where there were rain in the middle, but there was no mistake, at Fuji this was the 2 nd win of the season and the 3 rd consecutive victory at the total. With this victory, both driver rankings and team rankings became top.