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Jan 10, 2020



Second Mesh design from the RIZALTADO brand.
The design concept is the same as that of GNOSIS CVX, but with a fine “edge” that exceeds CVX.
The previous mesh is an orthodox euro taste style, and this work is a open mesh with a geometric design that does not look like a mesh at first glance, and will be established as a new style.

Brand naming history
RESULT = Result / End result
ADORE = godliness, respect, worship, longing
RIZALTADO was named as a coined word that combines the meaning and expression.
The original production concept was designed to follow the taste of the GNOSIS brand targeting European cars, adapted to compact K-CAR.

イメージ画像Brushed (BRU) 17inch6.0J+39

イメージ画像[Step rim] Crystal Silver (CS) 17inch7.0J+33

イメージ画像Mat black (MBL) 16inch7.0J +29
Center cap [Mat Black]

イメージ画像Overlapping open twin spokes cross on a diagonal line, and the twisted visual effect of side spokes claims to be a twist design.
The design balance is kept beautiful by limiting the number of spokes to the 4 holes.

イメージ画像Although it is a common design concept with GNOSIS CVX, details are rounded and edged.
We refined the design of the spokes to match the 4 holes application, creating a sharpness as if it were cut from a solid lump.
In addition, the 4-hole design is used to emphasize the length of the spokes.
This reduction in diameter is achieved while maintaining strength and rigidity, resulting in spoke length.
For this reason, even small-diameter wheels lead to scale-down of large-diameter wheels and are well connected in design.

イメージ画像Edges are applied to details and reflected throughout.

イメージ画像All 17 inches of RIZALTADO brand are set in two patterns, step rim and full reverse.
The main size has been expanded to accommodate the diversification of light and compact users, and abundant variations for light users to hard users are the biggest weapons.

The following settings are available as options.

イメージ画像Buff alumite rim (standard setting)

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Cut anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Bronze anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Matte bronze anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Black anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Matte black anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Brushed rim

イメージ画像Custom order plan: Semi-order color
Disk color can be selected from 12 different colors.

Click here for semi-order color option.

イメージ画像Custom order plan: clear color
Mat Brushed (MBU)

イメージ画像Colorism Clear: Clear Red Brushed (BUR)

イメージ画像Colorism Clear: Clear Blue Brushed (BUL)

イメージ画像Colorism Clear: Trans Gray Brushed (BUA)

イメージ画像Colorism Clear: Imperial Gold Brushed (BUI)

Cross section comparison by inch

イメージ画像Comparison of rim depth and disc protrusion


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