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Jan 08, 2021

GNOSIS AE201 Debut!!

イメージ画像Style of art
-All new GNOSIS AE201

A delicate and well-designed disc woven by sharp angles and curves sets apart the past GNOSIS series.


イメージ画像①The newly designed pierce seat surface is a mountain-shape in cross-section, creating a stronger 3D effect on the circumference.
* The image shows BLACK/OUTSIDE POLISH finish that accentuates the 3D effect.

イメージ画像②The number of pierced earrings has been reduced to create a distinctive outer circumference design while making it look simple.

イメージ画像③In addition to the straight concave reminiscent of the GNOSIS CV series, the spoke end is undercut to give a lighter feeling. The intricate shape is reflected on the buffed and anodized lip.

イメージ画像④The complex designs comprise twin 6-spoke + concave profile + multi-rib + web-like shape located inside of twin-spoke end, which is our new attempt to differentiate designs from the first gen GNOSIS series.
The web-like part has a gentle curve, featuring a beautiful line reminiscent of Greek sculpture.

イメージ画像⑤With attention to detail, the nut hole opening is shaped into a square-type.
The straight nut holes harmonize with the overall linear design.

イメージ画像⑥GNOSIS AE201 comes standard with a small diameter, 60mm center cap.
It gives a simple appearance to the center section and allows for big nut hole desings.

イメージ画像There are 4 types of non-standard optional center caps.
Upper left: Gloss black small
Upper right: ESS
Lower left: Red W emblem
Lower right: Black W emblem


イメージ画像Black / Outside Polish (BOP)
* Optional center cap (gloss black small specification)

イメージ画像Optional color: Composite buff finish (PBU)
+11,000 yen from brushed (BRU)

イメージ画像Optional color: Buff finish (PP2)
+11,000 yenfrom brushed (BRU)

The following settings are available as options.

イメージ画像Buff alumite rim (standard setting)

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Bronze anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Matte bronze anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Black anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Matte black anodized rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrange
Brushed rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim arrangement.
Cut anodized rim (no additional cost)

イメージ画像Custom order plan: Semi-order color
Disk color can be selected from 12 different colors.

Click here for semi-order color option.

イメージ画像PCD range: 5H-108 ~ 120.65
Price: 8,800 yen/each




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