New product

Oct 16, 2021

WORK EMOTION RS11 is now available.


It features a compact sports wheel with a different
concept from the existing WORKEMOTION.

The disk design keeps its shape even at high inset settings.
With its classic sport style, RS11 is the lightest weight
in the multi-piece wheels of the series.

イメージ画像The center disk section has a gentle concave shape.
In addition, the holes between P.C.D. gives reduced weight.


イメージ画像Disk stickers are available in white/red (top left),
black/red (bottom left), and understated gunmetal
(top right and bottom right).
Black disk comes with white/red & gunmetal set.
White disk comes with black/red & gunmetal set.

イメージ画像"WORK" and "WAE" are designed in casted
characters on the disc end. "WAE" stands for WORK ADVANCED EDITION and is used for wheels with superior specifications.

イメージ画像The 17-inch and 16-inch models come with V41C type or black (V41K) valve stems.

イメージ画像The 15-inch model comes with black (V29K2) or
silver (V29A2) valve stems.

イメージ画像STEP RIM, the symbol of sports wheels, is only available.

イメージ画像 10 optional center caps enable dramatic color change on
your car body and the impression of the wheels.

イメージ画像White (W) + black / red sticker + optional center cap (FLAT TYPE Silver)

イメージ画像Black (B) + white / red sticker

The following settings are available as options.

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrangement
Black alumite rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrangement
Matte black alumite rim

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrangement
Bronze alumite rim (17 / 16inch)

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrangement
Matte bronze alumite rim (17 / 16inch)

イメージ画像COP: Rim Option
Cut Anodized Rim (17 / 16-inch at no extra cost)

イメージ画像COP: Rim Arrangement
Brushed rim







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