イメージ画像Team Weld won the series championship at last year's Formula Drift Japan! WORK is more supported by WORK EMOTION ZR10 as a supplier!

Let's look back on the championship that fought through the fierce battle in the harsh environment in 2020 when the corona was devastated.
Round 1 will be held on August 1st and 2nd at Sportsland SUGO in Miyagi Prefecture.
12th in qualifying, 8 defeated in the best follow-up, 7th in point ranking.
Round 2 will be held on August 29th and 30th at Oku Ibuki Motor Park in Shiga Prefecture.
Passed 1st place in qualifying, lost 16 best followers, 9th place in point ranking.
Round 3 will be held on September 20th and 21st at the Ebisu Circuit West Course in Fukushima Prefecture.
After passing 1st place in the qualifying and losing the follow-up final, he will move up to 2nd place in the point ranking at once.
Round 4 will be held on October 10th and 11th at the Okayama International Circuit in Okayama Prefecture.
10th place in qualifying, 1st place in the follow-up final, and 1st place in the point ranking!
Round 5 was scheduled to be held at the Suzuka Twin Circuit in Mie Prefecture, but unfortunately it was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
However, the cumulative ranking points of the series became 280, and the long-awaited series champion was won with a difference of 6 points to the 2nd place!

The result of all the players and teams fighting without giving up even in the corona wreck created a fierce race in 2020 and a hot race development that caused a fierce battle.

We would like to thank driver Koichi Yamashita, Team Weld, and all those who supported us.
Thank you very much!

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