2023 JAF All Japan Rally Championship Round 7 RALLY HOKKAIDO 2023

イメージ画像2023 JAF All Japan Rally Championship Round 7 RALLY HOKKAIDO will be held in Obihiro City, Hokkaido from September 8th (Friday) to September 10th (Sunday).

The conditions for this schedule were dry and wet, with a total rally distance of 661km and a total special stage distance of 117.22km, with 12 special stages taking place on gravel.

RALLY HOKKAIDO, one of the three major rallies, is famous for running through deep forests and meadows, but it is also a vast course with many ups and downs, including SSs over 20km long, and every SS The height of the average speed range is probably the original state.

And this time, in place of the SUBARU RALLY CHALLENGE, which fans had been eagerly waiting for but has not yet made an appearance this season, Toshihiro Arai entered the new WRX S4 in the JN1 class as TEAM ARAI, much to the excitement of the fans.

Here at RALLY HOKKAIDO, Takuro Matsukura/Makiko Yamada in the JN5 class and Ikuo Hanawa/Naoko Satake in the XC3 class won their classes and were crowned series champions.

The race results for athletes wearing WORK WHEELS at RALLY HOKKAIDO 2023 are as follows.

FIA RC2 class
Tomoki Ohashi/Atsushi Funaki 3rd place in class

JN1 class
Toshihiro Arai/Takahiro Yasui SUBARU WRX S4 4th in class, 4th overall

JN2 class
Makoto Hotta/Haruo Kasai DL itzz MAP GR Yaris 5th in class, 9th overall
Masato Sekine/Moeko Matsukawa Group G Sekinen・DL・Kayaba GR Yaris Class-place Overall-place
Junpei Harasawa/Taku Isoda YH Chiaki Motors WRX Class-1st Overall-1st

JN3 class
Takahito Sone/Shizuka Takehara P.MU☆DL☆INGING GR86 3rd in class 15th overall
Takehiko Kano/Satoshi Yokote ALEX・KYB・YH・Tokyo Subaru BRZ 2nd in class 14th overall

JN4 class
Taiko Samejima/Sawako Funaki group el・DL・Masakazu・ANIKI Swift 5th in class 27th overall
Hiroshi Sudo/Masakazu Arai Smash BRIG Komatsu YH Swift Class-1st Overall-1st

JN5 class
Takuro Matsukura/Makiko Yamada DL☆G Sekinen Shika Sonic Love Cademio Class Winner, Overall 12th Place

XC3 class
Ikuo Hanawa/Naoko Satake Iwate Toyota Rise Rally Concept Class winner 36th overall

The next race is the 50th M.C.S.C. Rally Highland Masters 2023, which will be held from October 13th.

Everyone, please support Rally and WORK WHEELS.

Thank you.

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