With SCORE BAJA 1000, Hanawa player is third in class

イメージ画像The 49th "World Hottest Race" BAJA 1000 was held from 16th to 20th November 2016.

Hanawa The players started Ensenada in Mexico, finished 872 miles (about 1,400 km), and finished third in class 7 of the open mini truck.

This year we will carry out a thorough race development with bringing a quick support car, improving the machine, measures on fine rocky grounds of particles (silt bed) etc.

I got a crown without bowing to trouble while making a number of miracles.

The player who retired as a regret of last year was run 32 hours 30 minutes of sleepless absence and finally achieved a successful achievement.

The wheel equipped with Earth - Runner is the model that becomes the prototype of WORK CRAG T - GRABIC.

Until then, we have been supplying wheels with improved types of commercial products.

Nonetheless, in order to combine the highest strength and rigidity that can withstand BAJA 1000, the driver is a wheel for exclusive use of Earth-Runner "forged one piece structure + forged bead lock ring equipment", and joint production and testing with Mr. Mr. Machine Builder I finally made it finally, it resulted in the result.

I got Mr. の 's comment after this time of BAJA 1000 run
"There is nothing in strength and weight that will compete with this in the wheel equipped with BAJA"
"This is the wheel of my dream"

The special wheel that began to develop since 2015 returned almost in the state of almost unscathed. WORK participates in various car competitions, and is supported by top drivers and teams.

To nurture the knowledge and skills of its many in harsh environments, to deliver security and safety to all work users.

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