2017 All-Japan Rally Championship Round 7 Rally Hokkaido Results of Battle

イメージ画像9/17 We hold the largest "Larry Hokkaido 2017" in Japan.

JN6 class Toshihiro Arai / Naoya Tanaka (equipped with Fuji Subaru Arai Motor Sports WRX / WORK MCO COMPETITON) started out the best time continuously with the running good from the previous day, leaving a big difference in the 2nd place also the top time in Leg 2 I won the game.

In the JN 5 class, Yuki Kohama Yuuki Kohama / Baba Yuichi (KYB DUNLOP DS 3 R 3 MAX / WORK MCO COMPETITION wearing) unexpectedly took all SS runs. It was in the form of putting the victory of the season this season almost in hand.

Other WORK Wearing athletes won the second place in class JN 2 class and current class leader Sone Takahito Sone and Tomohiko Masuya (P. MU ☆ DL ☆ SPM ☆ Rubros Y / 86 WORM MCO COMPETITION wearing) won the second place in the class.

All-Japan rally this season is left two plays Tarmac continues.

JN 6 Arai will continue to challenge the hope of winning the season yet.

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