1977 MAR.
Current president Takeshi Tanaka started company with capital of JPY 4,000,000-
1979 MAY.
Increased Company capital to JPY 10,000,000.
1979 DEC.
Established 3 piece wheel assembly plant.
1980 APR.
Built current 4-story head office.
1980 SEP.
Relocated and expanded factory.
1981 APR.
Established paint facility.
1982 AUG.
Established delivery center next to assembly plant.
1982 OCT.
Increased company capital to JPY 18,000,000-
1983 FEB.
Established Racing Sec. factory.
1983 FEB.
Opened branch in Fukuoka, Japan.
1983 MAR.
Opened branch in Kanagawa, Japan.
1984 FEB.
Opened branches in Sendai, Japan and Hiroshima, Japan.
1986 AUG.
Established assembly and delivery factory in Shiki, Japan.
1987 JUN.
Opened automotive division dedicated to selling imported vehicles.
1988 MAY.
Established painting line.
1988 MAY.
Established rim manufacturing factory in Okayama, Japan.
1989 SEP.
Opened branch in Nagoya, Japan.
1989 NOV.
Expanded factory in Okayama, Japan.
1990 JUL.
Opened AMP as the Planning and Development Sec.
1991 FEB.
Established delivery / storage center in Okayama, Japan.
1992 MAR.
Established casting factory in Okayama, Japan.
1992 MAY.
Opened branch in Takamatsu, Japan.
1993 MAR.
Opened branch in Niigata, Japan.
1993 JUL.
Opened branch in Omiya, Japan.
1993 AUG.
Opened branch in Sapporo, Japan.
1993 SEP.
Opened branch in Kanazana, Japan.
1998 AUG
Established photo studio.
1999 MAY.
Established prototype trial line.
2000 AUG.
Increased company capital to JPY 18,950,000-.
2000 NOV.
Established factory in Sakai, Japan for rim manufacturing,assembly and delivery
2001 AUG.
Increased company capital to JPY 95,000,000-.
2002 AUG.
Increased company capital to JPY 137,025,000-.
2003 DEC.
Acquired the certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001
2004 SEP.
And integrated into the Sakai Plant Shiki factory assembly line.
2007 AUG.
New call center
2008 JNI.
Installation of the Office of the President
2008 SEP.
Moved to Higashikonoike production Technology section
2014 AUG.
Second new sales department. Development Department established.
2015 AUG.
Chika Tanaka is appointed President and CEO
2016 FEB.
Open overseas purchasing section