Work original LINE stamps are now available! !!

イメージ画像Finally, the original character LINE stamp has been released from Work.



イメージ画像[Name]: Work Blue
[Age]: Unknown
[Gender]: Unknown
[Origin]: Alloy Nebula Work Star Beyond the Universe
[Personality]: Serious but sloppy. His emotions are rugged, and each time his body color changes slightly.
[Mission]: The reason why matching cars and wheels is noisy is that it is our mission to pursue coolness and have many people wear safe and secure cool wheels!
Therefore, while studying every day aiming to become a wheel meister, I am spending days I can not sleep because I am afraid that young people will leave the car.


[Name]: One Pee
[Gender]: Male
[Origin]: Earth. Became a work blue companion because his eyes are similar. A rare bipedal Shiba Inu.
[Personality]: I am very slow to walk because I am forced to walk on two legs, but I am good at jumping. I love work blue.
[Mission]: Unknown. (It seems that there is a sense of mission)

 LINE sticker
Cara pembelian: Cari [Work Blue] di smartphone atau aplikasi LINE lainnya. Atau akses dari tombol di atas.

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