apr 03, 2020 fri

About our efforts to prevent new coronavirus infection

It corresponds as the next about a new-style coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in our company.

[Our approach]
(1) As far as it's possible by staggered work hours and work at home, the system of duties from which congestion is put aside is put into effect.
(2) The self-control which are non-urgent business trip and meeting unnecessarily.
(3) Thoroughness in the employee's restroom. Sterilization thoroughness in the company.
(4) The mask wear when serving guests, obligation
(5) Employee's health care is carried without exception.
(5) Participation in an event is checked (during April 1-facing).
(6) When being suspected of infection and thick contact, it corresponds quickly with the directions by which it's for a country, each urban and rural prefectures and a medical agency.

Further the case when change was in the contents, every time, I'll inform you.

In our company, I make further effort towards infection expansion prevention by putting safety of a customer and an employee first and answer based on a policy of a government and an action plan.
You'll worry for a customer and I cause you trouble, but understand and please cooperate to give.