apr 12, 2020 sun

About our efforts to prevent new coronavirus infection 2

Give kind consideration more special than usual, and thank you very much truly.
Emergency declaration announcement on April 7 was received about the matter of transcription, and to make further effort towards infection expansion prevention by putting safety of a customer and an employee first as well as wrestle based on a policy of a government and an action plan in our company, I'll get the following business system.
You'll worry for a customer and I cause you trouble, but understand and please cooperate to give.
1) period covered
From Monday, April 13, 2020, Wednesday, May 6.
When extending it by the situation, I'll inform you once more.

2) target area and station
Section which belongs to an emergency declaration target area and a target area
When expanding by the situation, I'll inform you once more.

3) business system
* Work at home is recommended and changed.
* Self-control of business operation which involves movement and a visit
* Additionally when being inevitable, after taking infection prevention measures enough, it corresponds.

will be still continuous about a question, receipt of order and shipment work and correspond.