apr 14, 2020 tue

About our efforts to prevent new coronavirus infection 3

Dear Sirs/Madams, give kind consideration more special than usual, and thank you very much truly.
From the emergency declaration which depends on government after April 7 and each local self-governing body about the matter of transcription
When I receive rei and make further effort towards infection expansion prevention by putting safety of a customer and an employee first in our company.
To wrestle based on a policy of a government and an action plan together, I get the following business system.
I made it a fact.
So that you'll worry for a customer and I cause you trouble, but understanding and cooperation may be given somehow.
Thank you.



1. Period
reiwa Monday, April 13, 2-Wednesday, May 6
When extending it by the situation, I'll inform you once more.
2. Target area and station
Section which belongs to a target area
When expanding by the situation, I'll inform you once more.
3. Business system
* Work at home is recommended and changed.
* Self-control of business operation which involves movement and a visit
Additionally when being inevitable, after taking infection prevention measures enough, it corresponds.
Further it'll correspond continuously about a question, receipt of order and shipment work.
4. The phone number during a period covered
The store continue and or please contact our person in charge to the call center.
Further, a part staff is at home, it sometimes takes time for correspondence by the relation at which I'm working.