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Oct 01, 2020

WORK hand dyeing -FUROSHIKI- Made in Japan NEW ARRIVAL

イメージ画像This Furoshiki is a Japanese dyed cloth designed by WORK. It is a collaboration product with Mihara Dyeing, a company with more than 400 years of history, and is dyed using traditional craftsmanship. Depending on how you tie it, it can also be used as a simple eco-bag.

イメージ画像Available in one design with two colors: black and red-purple
Size: 750mm x 750mm
Material : 100% cotton
Price:3300 yen
Country of origin:Japan

イメージ画像Not only it protects items from weather and dirt, it can also be used in formal situations. It can be folded thinly, so you can quickly take it out of your pocket and lay it on a bench for lunch in a park.

イメージ画像The pattern is finished with the traditional hand dyeing method and because the material is natural cotton, the Furoshiki is strong and can be tied tightly. The more you use, the softer and more comfortable it becomes on your skin.

イメージ画像The colors may fade due to washing or rubbing because of its dyeing process. We recommend washing it by hand. Please use the net if you use a washing machine.