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Oct 23, 2020

WORK merchandise NEW ARRIVALS!

イメージ画像New items are now available in the popular WORK original apparel goods and stickers!

イメージ画像"WORK Compact Eco Bag"
Size: (approx.) W450 x H380 x Depth 100 mm * The handle is not included.
Material: Polyester
Retail price: 880 yen

イメージ画像It has a subdued design with a glossy logo in black letters.
The handle is thick so that it doesn't hurt when you put it on your shoulder.

イメージ画像There is a small pocket on the inside, so you can take out small things immediately.

イメージ画像It can be compactly folded.
When folded, it is only about 16 cm wide and 7 cm long, very compact in your bag.

イメージ画像"Senshu towel with WORK logo"
Color: Black / Blue
Size: 340X900mm
Material: 100% cotton
Retail price: 1,650 yen

イメージ画像Great for a variety of occations in daily life.

イメージ画像Both sides are made of pile fabric so it is highly absorbent
including Senshu towel tag as a proof of the product reliability.