ALL JAPAN RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP Rd, 10 JN 6 class Toshihiro Arai / Naoya Tanaka pair overall victory

イメージ画像"Shinshiro Rally 2018" which became the final race this season.
This year, WRC became a fight to conduct further appeal activities towards holding in 2020 in Japan.
Prior to the final race, the top JN 6 class Arai player, Furukawa players with the lowest displacement JN 1 class, each as a WORK wheel mounted player, the annual champion was confirmed.
JN6 class Arai / Tanaka Azuma also won the 6th time this season's victory in this round that will be closed.
Other players had severe waves of discomfort that were not as normal as usual, and the season ended without digging into the top battle. Among them, Ito of JN 1 class, the first victory of the All Japan Championship.
As an interesting car, "Renault Twingo GT" made its debut in the final battle. I have finished in one game this season, but let's expect the spread of vehicle selection in small displacement class for next season.
Thank you for your support and fans this season.
In the next season, WORK will continue to support the rally competition.
I would like to thank you for your support of the 2019 season as well.

For the result of each WORK WHEELS loaded player, please refer to the following
JN6 class
No.1 Toshihiro Arai / Naoya Tanaka (WRX STI) MCO Competition wearing class 1st place Overall 1st place season champion
No.3 Takumi Kamada / Consultative Ichino (WRX STI) MCO Competition installed Leg 2 retired
No. 7 Katsuya Nakahira Satoshi Nakahira (WRX STI) MCO Competition wearing class 6th overall 6th overall
JN4 class
No.21 Yamaguchi Seiji / Yamamoto Takumi group (86) MCO Competition wearing class 10th overall 45th place
No.25 Sone Takahito Sawada / Koichi Sawada (86) MCO Competition wearing class 8th overall 28th place
JN3 class
No.38 Okada Koichi / Taira Tomohiro (Demio) MCO CS attached class 3rd place overall 26th place
JN2 class
No.31 Shintaro Meiji / Toshinori Kitada (86) MCO Competition wearing Leg 2 retired
No.33 Suzuki Nao / Suzuki Yuusumi (BRZ) MCO Competition wearing class No. 1 place overall 10th place
JN1 class
No.47 Hiroshi Furukawa / Sachiko Hirota (Swift) MCO CS wearing class 3rd place Winning 29th place season champion
No.49 Ito Takaaki / Otaka Tetsuya gumi (note NISMO) MCO CS attached class No. 1 place overall 24th place
No.55 Ohashi Yuio / Takahashi Fuyumoto group (Renault Twingo GT) MCO Competition wearing class 8th place overall No. 42

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