Shinshiro Rally JN3 class All podiums are equipped with WORK WHEELS

イメージ画像Shinshiro Rally 2020, the second round of the All Japan Rally Championship, is one of Japan's three major rallies held on March 14 and 15, 2020.
This year, unfortunately, the event was held with no spectators as a preventive measure against the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
Normally, the large Shinshiro General Park felt very quiet because of the rally event that was crowded with quite a lot of visitors. In challenging road conditions, each of the athletes took on a very difficult driving, and the race became very heated.

The total number of vehicles equipped with WORK WHEELS has reached 16, and the Work Motorsports scholarship entry team has increased to 10 of them.
Among them, the overall ranking is 2nd to 4th. In the JN3 class, the podium was dominated.

JN3 class champion Motoki Takeuchi looks back at this race and has comments on his work.
[Step on a falling rock and take a rest! I arrived at the goal without any incident.
Since the rigidity is high and the road information is solid, you can check tires quickly even in the event of an emergency, and you can return to race speed immediately. ]
I did it with.
Rally is a sport that requires not only speed but also survival rate.
It is also a fight against an occasional accident while focusing on driving.
A solid wheel that supports the machine is an essential part.

Each mounting team result is as follows.

JN1 class
2nd 2nd overall D. Toshihiro Arai / C. Naoya Tanaka SUBARU TEAM ARAI
3rd overall 3rd place D Arai Daiki / C Kosaka Noritaka group SUBARU TEAM ARAI
4th Overall 4th placeD Kamada Takuma / C Suzuki Yuhiro Gumi itzz RALLY TEAM

JN2 class
2nd overall 14th D Hiroshi Ishii / Masahiro Terada C team
3rd place Overall 18th placeD Katsuya Nakahira / C Gyotoku Satoshi group R-ART RALLY TEAM ※ Scholarship
6th 23rd overallD Makino Tyson / C Kitagawa Sai Gumi Rally Team AICELLO

JN3 class
1st overall 8th D Genki Takeuchi / C Satoshi Kimura 村 Cup ※ Scholarship
2nd 9th overall D Hisashi Suzuki / C Norimasa Yamagishi Cup ※ Scholarship
3rd overall 12th placeD Yamaguchi Seiji / C Okura Hitomi group ※ Scholarship
5th place 17th place overallD Kano Takehiko / C Yokote Satoshi Group Light up rally team ※ Scholarship
6th place Overall 25th D Katsuhiko Tsutsui / C Matsumoto Yuichi Group ※ Scholarship
8th 37th overall D Sone Takahito / C Takehara Shizuka Tokuo Works Racing ※ Scholarship

JN4 class
2nd Overall 7th D Hiroshi Furukawa / C Okubo Ei-Gumi ※ Scholarship

JN5 class
3rd Overall 24th D Okada Koichi / C Ishida Ikki Group ※ Scholarship

JN6 class
R Rank Overall-Rank D Itakura Asami / C Umemoto Madoka Group

Thank you for your support of the All Japan Rally Championship, which started this year.

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