GR86 / BRZ Race


TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GR86/BRZ Cup participation Rd.1 SUGO Clubman won 3rd place

イメージ画像In the world of motorsports, developing young athletes is said to be an important key to success.
This time, we will team up with Racing TEAM HERO'S to discover new talent and support them so that they can race with passion.

イメージ画像Clubman Series Participant Details
◆Naomasa Kishimoto
Born October 8, 1999 (24 years old)

After using a rental mission cart, he started racing four wheels.
He has shown glimpses of speed and talent in the categories he has competed in.
He is aiming to further step up as a driver.
To that end, he will aim to prove his speed and win the championship in this season's GR86/BRZ CUP.

◆Past results
・2019 Motegi S-FJ Championship Ranking 5th place
・2021 Suzuka S-FJ Championship Ranking 15th
・2022 Suzuka S-FJ Championship Ranking 5th place
・2021 Suzuka MEC qualifying VITA class pole position
・2023 Suzuka Clubman Race CS2 class winner

イメージ画像Racing TEAM HERO’S Comment
``The team will be participating in the race this year with new wheels from Work Co., Ltd. We will do our best to prove our superiority in performance through race results. ”

The first match was held at Sportsland SUGO from Saturday, May 11th to Sunday, May 12th, 2024.

イメージ画像◆Occupied driving
For driver Naomasa Kishimoto, it was his first time at SUGO, and he was unfamiliar with the boxcar race, so there were many things he had to adjust to, such as navigating the course, changes in the road surface, machine characteristics, and how to use tires, but the driving time was limited. I was able to concentrate on running with a theme.
In the occupied run, he was in 6th place, 0.6 seconds behind the leader.
In terms of technology, we have the machines under control, so there is still room for improvement.

イメージ画像``M.C.O RACING is literally a lightweight wheel specialized for sports driving. This wheel has won numerous victories in rallies and dirt trials, and is a perfect match for the GR86/BRZ. ”

イメージ画像Qualifying 6th place/39 cars 1’39”766

``A penalty that frequently occurs in GR86/BRZ one-make is ``time loss due to four wheels coming off''. Fearing this penalty, I took a somewhat restrained approach in qualifying. ”
The mental set for qualifying and small technical improvements are the key points for future growth.

イメージ画像Final 3rd place/36 cars completed, fastest lap obtained

”In the final race, we got a good start and jumped up to 4th place. We were able to close the distance between the front and rear in the battle with other cars, which is important in a one-make race final, and we were able to execute tire management orders well, and achieved the fastest lap of the final race. We were able to get 3rd place on the podium! ”

イメージ画像War record
Qualifying 6th place
Final 3rd place
Obtain the fastest lap

The next race is Autopolis in June.
We have high expectations for Kishimoto's energetic driving.
Thank you for your support of Racing TEAM HERO’S with WORK WHEELS.

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