All Japan Rally Championship Round 7, 【Rally Hokkaido」 result

イメージ画像All Japan Rally, which was held the weekend Round 7, "Rally Hokkaido" is,
And the finish of the entry number of 37 units of 19 units, was a very harsh battle.

JN6 class
No.53 Toshi Arai / Naoya Tanaka pair (Fuji Subaru Arai Motorsports WRX) MCO Competition mounted class first place overall first place
Winning streak followed in Monterey, this season third victory!
Arai, stunning victory from the place that has been attached to the second place in the DAY1, is now connecting the hope of the series champion.

No.54 Kamata TakuAsa / Ichino Hakagumi (WRX STI) MCO Competition mounted class third place third overall
Kamata players, this season the third podium, the remaining two races, you aim the season's first victory in the WRX.
※ race number nine

JN5 class
No.64 Itsuo Ohashi / Fujiue Watarugumi (MINI John Cooper Works) MCO Competition mounted class third place overall # 19
JCW who received considerable damage in Monterey, but was a finish of this Hokkaido is plagued by machine trouble, is a superb podium get!
※ race number five

JN4 class
No.65 Sone TakashiHitoshi / Masuya Tomohikogumi (86) MCO Competition mounting class second place 7th overall
Class-level conflict of Sone player, is the top ensure even at the point rankings with superb podium.
※ race number five

JN2 class
No.75 Meiji Shintaro / Yachi assembly (86) MCO Competition mounted class first place overall 17th
Cusco chan Meiji players of color, this season's first victory!
※ race number five

JN1 class
No.85 Akihiko Saka / Nakatani Atsushigumi (Swift Sports) MCO Competition mounting class second place overall 13th
※ 8 cars race number
Small exhaust amount class of race number second only to top class, but until DAY1 we were waging also top fight ...
Since it is a spot war, Swift finished in this, you expect to win next season

Rally Hokkaido has become a Joint and the Asia Pacific Rally, in visiting many foreign media and fans, players superb WORK wheel mounted was able to win.

Also next round I want to hope!

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