All Japan Rally 8th Race "M.C.S.C. Highland Masters 2017"

イメージ画像Works of WORK HWEELS wearing athletes

JN6 class
No.2 Arai Toshihiro / Tanaka Naoya pair (WRX STI) MCO Competition wearing class No. 1 place overall 1st place
No.4 Takumi Kamada / Consultative Foster Ichino (WRX STI) MCO Competition 3rd placement class 3rd place overall
No. 9 Yuki Kohama / Yuichi Baba (WRX STI) MCO Competition wearing class 6th overall 6th overall
At the end of DAY 1, I got a top difference of over 40 seconds, but DAY 2, the miracle of the great reversal play won the overall victory for Arai.
Top category Category JN6 class victory overtakes to the final race of the New Castle Rally, Arai, will you win the first champion in 2 years! What?
Kamada also got the DAY 1 in fifth place, winning the podium in the reverse.

JN5 class
No.14 Ohashi Yuusuke / Kimura Yusuke Kumi (MINI JCW) MCO Competition wearing class 2nd place overall 21st place
Ohashi got back to second position despite regrettably keeping the leaders strongly up to the first half of DAY 1.

JN4 class
No.17 Toshinori Sone and Tomohiko Masuya (86) MCO Competition wearing class 3rd place overall 11th
Sone is the podium this time, the series champion is confirmed for the second consecutive year!

JN2 class
No. 30 Shintaro Meiji / Toshinori Kitada (86) MCO Competition wearing class No. 1 place overall 7th place
No.32 Suzuki Nao / Suzuki Yusuke (86) MCO Competition wearing class 2nd place overall 13th place
Meiji at 2nd place victory to the previous war, champions battle to the final game ...
Suzuki also won the second place with 1-2 finish!

JN1 class
No.39 Ito Takaaki / Otaka Tetsuya Group (Note NISMO) RSα Attachment Class 1st overall 16th overall
It was a pleasing first victory!

We will also exhibit our booth at the next final race, the 11 / 4-5 New Castle Rally (Aichi).
Hosted rack, while associating with Toyota, is seeking to hold WRC in the Chubu area in the near future, and Shinshiro Rally is also one of the biggest rallies gathering many galleries.
This year it is three consecutive holidays, and how about watching the rally by extending a little foot?

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