nov 30, 2018 fri

Higashi Osaka brand certification of our products

This time, our Equip series (Humplim) and Water Avoider are recognized as highly original products, Mayor Higashi Osaka received the Higashi Osaka brand product certificate.

What is "Higashi Osaka brand"?
Manufacturing town It is a "regional brand goods representing Higashi Osaka" which was recognized only by characteristic original products that Higashi Osaka based companies repeatedly trial and error, created with hot feelings.

I hope to tell you the charm of "Manufacturing town Higashi Osaka" full of fun and wonderfulness through introducing the excellent features of the Higashi Osaka brand certified product, the feelings and the attention included in it.

Also, Higashi Osaka's manufacturing companies that manufacture certified products are the leaders in the future manufacturing of Higashi Osaka. We are aiming to become a goal to further enhance the willingness of manufacturing companies inside and outside the city to develop new products and improve existing products.

Higashi Osaka brand
Certificate of accreditation
Higashi Osaka brand certified product is made by symbolizing the initial letters "H" and "O" of Higashi Osaka as "certification of certification" and "1" representing that it is not elsewhere I brew a brand mark.

EQUIP series

Water Avoider

We will continue to aim to manufacture products with higher originality and higher quality in the future work.

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