Jan 10, 2020Support Information

TPMS compatible processing (free of charge)

イメージ画像TPMS is an abbreviation for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Tire pressure and temperature are measured directly with sensors located inside the tire, The transmitter associated sends wirelessly information to the receiver on the vehicle and warn the driver.
“TREAD Law”, regulation for a safety of vehicles was established in the US in 2000 and TPMS was mandatory for any new vehicles sold after September, 2007.
Not only in the US, this regulation is legislated in Europe and China (also under consideration in Japan).
TPMS compatible processing is available at WORK and please consult with your local dealer when purchasing the wheel.

(TPMS additional processing fee 5,500 yen/pc)

For 2 and 3 piece wheels, drill an additionall hole toward the inner side of rim-well located opposite side of valve stem hole and mount a TPMS sensor.




* Please contact with your local dealer if you need a TPMS installation on your new wheel.
* 1 piece is usually attached to the valve hole, so no additional processing is required.
* Please also consult with your local dealer for the TPMS installation.
* Not all products are compatible with TPMS processing.
* TPMS processing may not be available depending on the type of cars.
* Please inquire from [Inquiry Form] for compatibility.

* Below icon in the master catalog lists "TPMS compatible products".