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Feb 06, 2020

A new color (black) appears in the lightweight RACING NUT.

イメージ画像A new color, black, is now available for the lightweight RACING NUT.

The solid, high-strength and lightweight locknut set is made of A6061-T6 material that is also used for aircrafts.

イメージ画像The anodized surface is not only excellent in corrosion and friction resistance, but it is also appealing due to the color enhancement.

By carefully scraping off parts in order to maintain its strength, the weight has been reduced to 25g, which is less than half the weight of average steel nuts.

This is expected to have a considerable effect on fuel economy.

The nut is a 19HEX with 50mm long penetrating type, and the knurled head enables easy manual tightening.

イメージ画像WORK logo engraved on top of lug nuts and lock nuts.

Due to the special locknut, it cannot be tightened or removed with a general torque wrench, it can also help with theft prevention.

イメージ画像20 pieces (16 nuts, 4 lock nuts, 1 adapter wrench)

Two sizes of M12 x P1.5 and M12 x P1.25

Price: 17,600 yen