The All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 6 Wins in 3 classes!

イメージ画像On July 7, 2019, the All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 6, "NOZAWA Dirt Trial" was held. During this time when the rainy season was not over, the weather was threatened, but it did not rain, and it was fine in the afternoon heat 2, and the visitors were the day when they encountered a summer day.
Compared to the cloudy sky heat 1 in the morning, in the heat 2 each driver was the race development that was just heated with the time updated one after another. Under these circumstances, drivers equipped with WORK WHEELS won the PN1, PN2 and SC1 classes.
A total of 14 WORK MCO RACING TYPE GVs, including players who entered the WORK MOTOR SPORT SCHOLARSHIP, are on display on this day.

The following shows the drivers installed for each work at Motorland Nozawa.

PN1 CLASS Winner Ueno (Swift Sports) This is the third victory this season!
PN1 CLASS Suzuki (Swift Sports)
PN2 CLASS Winner Kawashima (Vitz GRMN) First win of the season's first wish!
PN2 CLASS 2nd place Higuchi player (swift sports)
PN2 CLASS Hirahara (Swift Sports)
PN3 CLASS Yamabe (BRZ)
PN3 CLASS player Sakurai (86)
N2 CLASS 3rd player Yamoto (Lancer Evo IX)
SA1 CLASS Kasai (MR2)
SC1 CLASS Champion Sakata (Axela Sports) This is the third victory this season!
SC1 CLASS Norinnobu (Celica GT Four)
D CLASS 3rd place Meguro player (Lancer Evo X)
D CLASS Taguchi (Fiesta)

Thank you to each driver.
Race development will rush into the final game.
4 races after leaving, everyone, thank you for your support.

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