All Japan Rally Championship Rally Hokkaido JN1 Class Podium WORK WHEELS Exclusive!

イメージ画像This year's rally Hokkaido was held safely on September 12th and 13th.
There, the WORK WHEELS-equipped machine won the championship in three classes.
Moreover, the podium is monopolized in the top class JN1! Everything is a feat of wearing WORK WHEELS.

It means that they also monopolized the overall victory, the overall 2nd place, and the overall 3rd place!

Nakahira won the JN2 class for the first time, and Furukawa won the JN4 class.
With this race, JN1 driver point top will be Hiroki Arai, JN2 class will be Nakahira, JN3 will be Takeuchi, JN4 will be Furukawa, and the top driver ranking player in the current 4 classes will be equipped with WORK WHEELS.

Work user battle record of each class
* All participating players are equipped with WORK MCO Raching TYPE GV
JN1 class
No.52 Daiki Arai / Noritaka Kosaka (WRX STI) Class 1st Overall 1st
No.51 Toshihiro Arai / Naoya Tanaka (WRX STI) Class 2nd overall 2nd
No.55 Takuma Kamada / Yu Suzuki (WRX STI) 3rd in class 3rd overall
JN2 class
No.60 Katsuya Nakahira / Yasuhiro Ishikawa (86 R3) Class 1st overall 8th
JN3 class
No.63 Takahito Sone / Shizuka Takehara (86) Class 2nd overall 7th
No.66 Katsuhiko Tsutsui / Yuichi Matsumoto (86) 5th in class 22nd overall
No.65 Takehiko Kano / Satoshi Yokote (86) Retired
JN4 class
No.69 Hiroshi Furukawa / Sachiko Hirota (Swift) Class 1st overall 13th
JN5 class
No.76 Koichi Okada / Kazuki Ishida (Demio) 6th in class 21st overall

Thank you to all the participating players. And finally, thanks so much.
There is only one race left, Sammy Tool de Kyushu 2020 in Karatsu.
Thank you for your support.

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